Alonza Wooden Bedroom Furniture Set 1 In Solid Pine

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Alonza Wooden Bedroom Furniture Set In Solid Pine, brings a touch of rustic South American charm to any bedroom with this stylish Mexican ranch-inspired furniture set. Sturdily constructed from solid pine. This Bedroom set includes the Wide Wardrobe, three-drawer chest and 2 bedside table which makes a handsome addition to any home. Each piece is raised from the floor on a chunky plinth and incorporates black iron work details to hinges and handles for an authentic look and feel. Smart, well-designed and durable, the Bedroom Set is built to last. Features: Alonza Wooden Bedroom Furniture Set 1 In Solid Pine Material: Solid Pine It includes Wardrobe, Chest Of Drawers, and Bedside Cabinet Ideal for modern Bedroom Available at an affordable price 2x Alonza Wooden Bedside Cabinet In Solid Pine With 1 Drawer 1 Drawer Dimension: D 31cm x W 37cm x H 43. 5cm Alonza Wooden Chest Of Drawers In Solid Pine With 3 Drawers 3 Drawer Chest Dimension: D 35cm x W 70cm x H 72cm Alonza Wooden Wardrobe In Solid Pine With 3 Doors 3 Doorw Wardrobe Dimension: D 50cm x W 118cm x H 175. 2cm

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